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Create an interconnected system with the X-Series Wireless Module


  • 10 year life and warranty
  • Easy network setup
  • Interconnects all X-Series smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Flood network: device interconnectivity ensures everyone in a property is alerted to a danger quickly
  • Easy installation: The XW100 simply clicks into X-Series alarms
  • Simple setup: The XW100 simple setup saves installer time and quickly protects properties from dangers
  • Easy testing: With the press of a button you can ensure your XW100 module is still connected to the network
  • BSi 3rd party tested
  • Sealed housing to protect from adverse environmental conditions
  • Ten year lifetime and warranty
  • Maintenance free - no parts to change
  • Clearly visible status indication LEDs

Configure your Honeywell X-Series Wireless Network


1. Use a screwdriver to release the alarm from its mounting plate

4. Fold the antenna between the alarm outer rim and the module casing, ensuring it sits beneath the alarm's outer rim

2. Turn the alarm over to gain access to the reverse of the alarm

5. Once the wireless module has been configured, clip the alarm back onto its mounting plate to reactive it

3. Place the wireless module in the cavity on the rear of the alarm, ensuring the antenna is on the side with the exposed connectors

Caution: Do not repeatedly insert the wireless module into the host alarm as that will weaken the module connectors.

Refer to the manual for module configuration and network creation process.


Technical Specifications

Self TestEvery 60 minutes
Lifetime And Warranty10 years
Operating Environment 
Operating Temperature Range-10°C - +55°C
Humidityup to 95% (non-condensing) at 40°C
Electrical and Interconnection 
Power SupplyNon-replaceable, long-life lithium battery.
User Interface 
Visual IndicatorBlue indicates network connection during setup