Professional Home Safety from Honeywell

Honeywell Home Safety

Offering the complete residential safety system

Why choose Honeywell

Protecting residential applications with leading-edge smoke; heat; toxic and flammable gas detection products.

For over 50 years Honeywell has been a leading manufacturer of industrial and commerical gas and fire detection systems. For more than 20 years, Honeywell has used its gas detection expertise to not only develop the first residential Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm but also to become one of the leading manufactures of CO alarms worldwide.

Honeywell's home safety range is ideal for professionals dealing with residential smoke; heat; flammable and toxic gas safety and combines high performance monitoring capabilities with convenient functionality.

Without proper and adequate warning, everyone is at risk of injury or death from fire, especially at night when your sense of smell may be diminished.

The risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning can occur at any time in any home or enclosed space.